56.6% of Patients Find You on Directories

56.6% of Patients Find You on Directories


Patients who check online directories intend to find a DPM and make an appointment.  These patients are not “browsers.” They are looking for basic info--- location, hours, phone, website, specialty ---to decide if you are a viable choice or a no-go. The high level of patient intent-to-book makes directory listings quite valuable, especially in crowded marketplaces.


Believe it or not, your practice is probably already listed, without your knowledge or input, in several directories (including apps and maps). Publishers use web crawlers to gather info from disparate sources, including you. (Does this look familiar? Is this your business?  Add or claim your business now…)


These listings, which you had nothing to do with, often contain inaccurate information (which other crawlers pick up on and re-use).  This is BAD. What if a patient skips over you because a map shows you as being in the wrong location, or your contact info is outdated? What if you have too few patient review stars? What if you lose your one chance?


On the flip side, when your directory listings are Correct, Complete and Consistent across the web, they become a powerful asset.  Based on accurate data gathered by aggregators, your organic search engine rankings can improve.  More people will visit your website. You will reach more qualified patients.


At Podiatry Content Connection, a TUSPM partner, we optimize your presence for you on 70+ Directory Sites—from ZocDoc to Google My Business.  We will claim your existing listings, eliminate duplicates, and create a consistent, accurate portrait to present to patients across the web.  To learn more, and to schedule your Free Practice Acceleration Session, text or call 917 572-5088 or RandyRosler@ PodiatryCC.com.