Gait Study Center

The Gait Study Center at the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine is a state-of-the-art research laboratory dedicated to studying lower extremity biomechanics. The central facility is a direct resource for our clinicians who explore how foot type biomechanics relate to human movement and disability, with special attention to alignment, dynamic function, and footwear technologies.

One’s ability to stand and walk is evaluated by experts in the field of biomechanics. These expert researchers work with patients and their physicians to determine the cause of pain, discomfort, or limitation in function. The referring doctor can use this information to determine the correct treatment for immediate problems, and to prevent any future problems from developing.

Gait Analysis
Gait analysis is a technique that investigates how one stands and walks. A detailed analysis of the way an individual stands and walks can reveal the source of muscle, nerve, or skeletal problems.

Techniques and Methods
The Gait Study Center employs a variety of technologies at its facilities, including dynamic and structural techniques. There are also a number of custom-developed methods to further characterize specific foot biomechanics. Learn more.

Directions to the Gait Study Center and how to make an appointment.

About the Gait Study Center
The Gait Study Center is devoted to promoting health and mobility through biomechanical research and education.

Gait Study Center staff and contact information.