Foot and Ankle Institute FAQs



Foot and Ankle Institute FAQs

Q. Do I have a co-pay or other required payment?

A. The Foot and Ankle Institute requires payment for care in advance of your visit.  co-pay amounts are determined by your insurance carrier and vary by plan and the type and amount of care provided.  Not all health plans require co-pays.  In some cases, the required co-pay amount is included on your insurance card.  However, these amounts are subject to change.  Please confirm with your health insurance carrier If you are unsure about your co-pay requirements.

Q. What if you don’t take my insurance?

A. The Foot and Ankle Institute accepts most Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial insurances.  Among the plans we do not accept are out-of-state Medicaid plans, Aetna Better Health, Coventry Cares and Keystone 65 Focus.  This is not a complete list of plans with which we do not participate, and the list is subject to change.  Please contact our office to determine if we accept your health insurance plan.

Q. How much will my care cost if I don’t have insurance or your office doesn’t accept my insurance?

A. The Foot and Ankle Institute establishes a standard set of charges for each service and/or product provided.   It is impossible to provide an accurate estimate of charges in advance.  You may qualify for financial assistance based on your income and the size of your household. Please contact our Patient Billing Department at 215-777-5801 to inquire about discounted fees.

Q. Will I need a referral?

A. Referrals are required by some insurance plans.  Currently Aetna HMO, Keystone Health Plan East HMO and Keystone Health Plan East POS require referrals. Referrals are initiated by your primary care provider and are routed electronically to our office under NPI# 1265446983.  We encourage patients to contact their insurance carrier or primary care provider to confirm whether a referral is required for podiatric medical services prior to your appointment.

Q. Can I walk-in for an appointment?

A. No.  We require patients to schedule an appointment.  However, it may be possible to schedule an appointment to be treated on the same day.
Q. What if I am late for my appointment?

A. The Foot and Ankle Institute allows a 20 (twenty) minute grace period for patients whose arrival is unavoidably delayed.  If you arrive more than 20 minutes after your scheduled appointment time, you may reschedule for a later appointment on the same day, if available, or for a later date.  Please call our office as soon as possible If you cannot keep a scheduled appointment or will be delayed for any reason.

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Q. What should I bring for my visit?
  • A. We ask patients to bring the following information when visiting our office(s):
    • Recent test results, x-rays, or relevant records
    • List of medications, allergies, and past surgeries
    • Referrals if required by your insurance company
    • Payment for self-pay patients, copays, or past due balances
    • Insurance card(s)
    • Driver's license or photo ID
Q. Do I have to see a student doctor?
A. The Foot and Ankle Institute is a clinical practice of the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine. Student doctors are typically present and participate in patient care under the supervision of our board-certified and nationally renowned podiatric physicians.
Q. Is on-site parking available?
A. Our Center City location offers on-site parking for patients at a discounted rate of $10.  Validation for discounted parking will be provided upon arrival at our office. On-street parking may be available at our Broad Street and Allegheny Avenue Location.
Q. What if I require a translator?
A. The Foot and Ankle Institute provides certified telephonic interpreters for many languages, as well as video interpreting for patients requiring American Sign Language (ASL) services.
Q. Can I access my patient record?
  • There are two ways for you to access or request your medical records.
    • You may request your patient record by completing an Authorization of Release of Information form.  Please allow up to 10 (ten) business days for processing.
    • We encourage patients to enroll in our secure patient portal to access, view and download patient records on-demand.  Contact our office to receive an email invitation to register for the patient portal.
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Q. Do I have to pay for medical forms?
A. The Foot and Ankle Institute charges a $10 per form for the completion of any document requiring medical information and/or a physician’s signature, including but not limited to handicap parking placard forms, disability paperwork, FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) forms, or general medical forms. Please allow up to 7(seven) business days for completion of forms.  Our practice does not complete medical certificate forms for utility companies.

Q. What if I need additional testing like x-rays, MRI, CT-scan?

A. We offer on-site x-rays services at our locations.  Patients with Keystone Health Plan East insurance are required to have x-rays performed at sites specified by your insurance carrier.  Additional radiology services require authorization by your insurance carrier. The authorization process may take up to 5 (five) business days to complete and varies by insurance plan.
Q. Can I communicate with my doctor directly?

A. Yes.  We encourage patients to enroll in our secure patient portal to communicate with your doctor directly.  Contact our office to receive an email invitation to register for the patient portal.

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Q. How can I share feedback about my experience?
A. We want to know about your experience with The Temple Foot and Ankle Institute!  You can rate your experience using any of the following links:
      1. Google Review