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TUSPM has held a leadership role in podiatric medical research for several decades.  Its busy clinic, the Foot and Ankle Institute, providing an opportunity for clinical trials, and the Gait Study Center conducting world class biomechanical studies are centerpieces for clinical and investigational studies.  The Ambulatory Surgical Center, Biomechanics Laboratory and Anatomy Laboratory explore new surgical procedures, evaluate new surgical tools and test bone fixation techniques.

Corporate sponsorship funds clinical trials of medications and wound care materials.  The National Institutes of Health funds a study of diabetic foot care.  Opportunities for small business collaborations to develop new materials and diagnostic equipment are growing.

The School has collaborations with other research centers within Temple University, such as the Center for Obesity Research and Education (CORE).  Our faculty has worked together with the Hospital for Special Surgery (New York City, NY) and the United States Military Academy (West Point, NY).

Publication and presentation remain import for disseminating findings in podiatric journals and conferences as well as those in dermatology, pedorthics, gait analysis, Rheumatology and diabetes.  The research outlet, technology transfer, is growing at TUSPM reflecting a trend throughout Temple University.  Identifying intellectual property with commercial potential and capitalizing on such opportunities helps direct research in practical and profitable directions.

Research ideas come from our alumni, faculty, students and friends and from business, sports and government organizations.

Gait Study Center
Learn about TUSPM's a state-of-the-art research laboratory dedicated to studying lower extremity biomechanics. 

Current Studies
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