December 2022 Edition

STRIDES December 2022 


National Student of the Year: WooYoung "AJ" Chung, TUSPM '23 

In previous editions of Strides, we mentioned WooYoung "AJ" Chun, '23 being nominated for Student of the Year by the University and The National Student of the Year. AJ received his award from the APMSA while attending the 2022 National, and he donated his scholarship to the Eric Nam Memorial Scholarship. Keep reading for an update from AJ. 
What promted you to donate your APMA scholarship to the Eric Nam Memorial Scholarship? 
"I was privileged to receive a scholarship from the U.S Army that covers my expenses including tuitions for school, so when I am fortunate to receive any other scholarships, I would like to donate it back to the school and the underclassmen. Especially this recent donation, I also wanted to “pay it forward” to our student body because they gave me the opportunity to represent our school as Student of the Year. I chose the Eric Nam scholarship specifically because as a soldier, I know the pain of losing friends. I want to contribute so that people know about him, and his memory lives on. This is my second time donating a scholarship to the Eric Nam fund, this time I asked for it to be split into 4 and given to each class so that they will all benefit from and know about his scholarship fund."
What are your plans after residency? 
"First, I will be going back to active-duty armed forces. I plan to serve 3 years and then go to Boston to help strengthen podiatry in Massachusetts. Boston has a limited scope of practice, so hopefully I can help to support podiatry as a field and broaden the scope of practice up to the ankle. In Boston it is up to the hospital what the privileges are, so increasing the standardization and scope of practice is something that I would like to advocate for."

In loving memory of Eric Nam

March 13, 1994- September 21, 2019

November 29, 2022 was Giving TUesday, an international day of philanthropy, on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. At TUSPM, we encouraged our alumni to give to the Eric Nam Memorial Scholarship to honor Eric's memory and legacy at TUSPM. To give to the Eric Nam Memorial Scholarship, please: 

Mail a check to TUSPM 
148 N. 8th Street
6th Floor
Attn Mary Kate Rauchut
Philadelphia, PA 19107


Give online following this web link. 

Thank you to our generous alumni and friends for your support of the Eric Nam Memorial Scholarship.