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Region III 2018


Alumni of class of '68 enjoy their 50th reunion while attending the Region III Conference in Atlantic City.

TUSPM 2017 Graduation


Excited graduates lineup for the ceremony. 



The commencement of the 2017 Graduation Ceremony. 


Happy grads! 


TUSPM White Coat Ceremony


The white coat symbolizes a rite of passage into healthcare, a pledge to excellence in science and compassionate care and a lifelong connection to TUSPM.


Dean John Mattiaci addresses students during the White Coat Ceremony.


Five students are happily "coated" at the White Coat Ceremony.


Temple University Gallery of Success


Dr. Maryann Hartzell was installed the new President of the Pennsylvania Podiatric Medical Association on November 5, 2016. Dr. Hartzell is the fourth woman elected to that office and the first woman to serve since 2003. Dr. Hartzell holds a plethora of clinical achievements, including serving as a diplomat for the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery and for the American Academy of Wound Managers. Dr. Hartzell also serves on the board for the William Goldfarb Education Foundation. She is a devoted alumnus and leader. 


TUSPM Alumni Reunion Reception


Alumni signing in to the Reception!

We were OWL so excited!

The Class of 1980!

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TUSPM Commencement 2016

Excerpts from Keynote Speech delivered by 

Dr. Bradley W. Bakotic

Though it is this class of graduating physicians that we’re celebrating today, we all know that in many instances, it is the support of the support of our loved ones that make such milestones possible. Despite their massive commitment of time, their extraordinary efforts, and the treasures that they’ve put forth to make this happen, somewhere in most of their lives there are persons on whom they have relied for support, and who have shown them the patience of a saint. For any of you who might be married, you owe your wife or husband….BIG TIME!  I can’t even imagine that level of sacrifice.

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TUSPM would like to congratulate the Class of 2016!

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The Next Step for Your Podiatry Practice


The Spot on the Rug…and how this Impacts Your Podiatry Practice
A number of years ago I read an article about first impressions and a medical practice.
The subject was about how small items, like spots on the rug, can affect their practice.  As silly as it sounds, the dirty carpet altered the returning patient’s perception of the practice and ultimately patient retention rate.  The point is, overlooking maintenance reflects poorly on your practice.  A simple spot on the carpet turns into:  Don’t they clean their office? Is the examination room’s equipment clean? Is this doctor up-to-date? Is this the doctor I want to use to be treated?

This concept of “the spot on the rug” relates to your online presence as well. Many podiatry practices don’t invest in maintaining a great web presence and tend to neglect their website, which grows old and outdated. Many podiatrists have no patient education and often have no updated content at all. Keeping online directories current with your correct address and phone number is another problem for most podiatry practices.   Much like their office, and having a “spot on the rug” you need to maintain your online presence.

So what should be done?  Below is a list of steps to take to make sure your web presence reflects well with your practice.

1. If you don’t have a website – Get one! Your website is the hub of your online presence. 

2. Each podiatry practice is different. Some practices offer laser nail treatment and others are more surgical. Make sure your practice description is the same on your website and online directories. 

3. Provide weekly content updates, blog posts, articles about foot conditions.  

4.  Make sure local (Google+, Yahoo, and Bing) and other online directories are complete and up-to-date. 

For more information on how to make your practice look it best online feel free to email at or you can reach him directly at (917) 572-5088. Remind Randy that you are a TUSPM alumni as they offer a special program to help you gain more new patients from the web with discounted pricing for TUSPM alumni.

School of Podiatric Medicine 2015 Gallery of Success Recipient


Harold D. Schoenhaus, DPM, has had a long and distinguished career in podiatry, one that has encompassed research, teaching, mentoring and patient care.

Dr. Schoenhaus attended the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine, now Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, and received his doctorate in podiatric medicine in 1970, when the field was in its infancy. Following his residency at Pennsylvania’s Parkview Hospital, he entered private practice and joined the faculty at the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine (TUSPM). He has been a member of the faculty for 39 years and has achieved the academic rank of full professor.

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New Cardiovascular Horizons Conference Provides Educational Opportunities for Podiatrists, Podiatry Students

By: Maggie Wurst, SMC, ’17      

This past May, nearly 200 podiatrists from around the country attended the 2015 New Cardiovascular Horizons Conference in New Orleans.

With 25 course directors and 200 faculty members from global peripheral intervention centers, each year, New Cardiovascular Horizons hosts a conference to provide individuals in the health profession new information about cardiovascular health and treatments.

However, along with being a great experience for cardiologists, podiatrists can also benefit from the conference.

According to TUSPM alumni and NCVH 2015 Podiatric and Wound Care Chairman, Dr. Frank Tursi, ’85, the conference can provide podiatrists and podiatry students a greater education on their role in diagnosing peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

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DPM Christine Miller '03 Combines Her Passions, Works for Spanish Military Hospital Museum

By: Maggie Wurst, SMC, '17       

From the time DPM Christine Miller ’03 was a young girl, she had an interest in the Revolutionary War.

“I’m from Trenton, so I grew up in a historic town,” said Miller.  “Ever since I was little, I’ve liked the Revolutionary War.”

However, it wasn’t until a few years ago when she was researching the ancestry of her father’s family that Miller found her connection to her passion.

“I had my first child and I started to do an ancestry search about my father’s side of my family,” said Miller. “I found out that I have at least five ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War under George Washington, and that was a big discovery for me.”

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