Student Profile: Noah Kirshner

Student Profile: Noah Kirshner, Student Body President Elect

By Peyton Pflug

While many students struggle with indecisiveness when it comes to what they want to study, Noah Kirshner’s first, second and third choices were all the same: podiatry. He knew exactly what he wanted to take on as a career. Today, he is a second year student and the student government President Elect. After being elected in April, he is back and recharged after a busy summer break and here to share his insight.

What is it really like to transition into student government?

Noah has spent the summer adjusting to his leadership role. “A lot of it is demanding, but also rewarding. Before this, I never had to manage so many emails! But I’ve learned to balance and prioritize. Some days are busier and more unpredictable than others – there are some days where everything hits you at once and it can be stressful. As far as balancing goes, it all comes down to organization, which I think makes me well prepared.”

Aside from some of the challenges he has come across, Noah also shared some of the rewards that come with taking on responsibility in student government. “One of the most fulfilling experiences I had this summer was getting the opportunity to meet and network with so many people at the APMA National Conference. I don’t think I would have had an opportunity like that if I weren’t in this position, so I was grateful. I also think the doctors I have worked for in the past will be proud to see me taking on this position and getting involved with more extracurricular programs.”

What is in store for the upcoming school year?

TUSPM students can look forward to a year full of excitement and productivity brought by their new President Elect. “I’m really looking forward to drumming up enthusiasm amongst my class as well as the rising first year class. One goal that I would like to continue from the current president, Brandon, is to generate outreach to high schools and undergrads. I’m looking forward to working with him to bring his vision to light. I know an obstacle we will have to face is getting application numbers up, and I’m ready to take this opportunity to reach out to others and work on increasing those numbers. Additionally, a big push from fourth year students was to make mental health services more accessible, and that is something I strive to carry on for them. Making that available to the student body would be one of my proudest accomplishments as a student leader.” 

Any advice for incoming and prospective TUSPM students?

“I came into school with podiatry as my first, second and third choices. I knew this was what I wanted to be doing. If you are still trying to decide on a field of study, podiatry is very challenging, and you have to have all your ducks in a row to take on the volume of work that is given! My advice: develop a good work ethic and you will be successful.”