The Spot on the Rug by PCC

August 2018

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The Spot on the Rug…

and how this Impacts Your Podiatry Practice 

A number of years ago I read an article about first impressions and a medical practice. 
The subject was about how small items, like spots on the rug, can affect their practice.  As silly as it sounds, the dirty carpet altered the returning patient’s perception of the practice and ultimately patient’s willingness to return.  The point is, overlooking maintenance reflects poorly on your practice.  A simple spot on the carpet turns into: Don’t they clean their office? Is the examination room’s equipment clean? 
Is this doctor up-to-date?
Is this the doctor I want to use to be treated?




This concept of “the spot on the rug” relates to your online presence as well.  Think about why and when a podiatrist is needed.  A podiatrist is called in when chronic foot or ankle pain isn’t cured by home remedy or a patient’s family doctor.  As a podiatrist, you are a specialist, and are up-to-date and an expert on the treatment of foot and ankle conditions…. Your online presence needs to reflect that. 

Many podiatry practices don’t invest in maintaining a great web presence and tend to neglect their website, which consequently grows old and outdated. Many podiatrists have no patient education and often have no updated content at all.  Out-of-date content which is two or three years old makes podiatrists look out-of-date.  Keeping online directories current with your correct address and phone number is another problem for most podiatry practices.   Much like their office, and having a “spot on the rug” you need to maintain your online presence.


So what should be done?  Below is a list of steps to take to make sure your web presence reflects well on your practice. 


  1. If you don’t have a website – Get one! Your website is the hub of your online presence. No website is like no one being home. If you have a website, make sure it’s current and mobile friendly. Google will penalize your website’s position on their search engine if your website fails Google’s test. Google’s mobile friendly test (click here).  
  2. Each podiatry practice is different. Some practices offer laser nail treatment and others are more surgical. Make sure your practice description is the same on your website and online directories. Speak to the patient’s needs and show that you can treat their foot or ankle condition. 
  3. Provide weekly content updates, blog posts, and articles about foot conditions.  Distribute the content to Facebook, Twitter, your website, and blog.  Patient education shows that you care and even helps with the treatment. Weekly content on social networks can attract new patients. Have your patients “like” you on Facebook and their friends and family will see your practice’s content. Podiatry Content Connectionprovides this type of service without having you or staff member write content every week. 
  4.  Make sure local (Google, Yelp, and Bing) and other online directories are complete, accurate, and up-to-date. These directories provide visitors with your practice’s contact information and increase your visibility. Often this information is incomplete, or worse, incorrect.  To see where you may need improvement, simply request your Complimentary Visibility Report


For more information on how to make your practice look its best online feel free to email me or you can reach me directly at (718) 475-9449 @ ext 114.