Podiatry Content Connection: ISO a Great Podiatrist

                                              ISO a Great Podiatrist 

I am “In Search Of” a great podiatrist to diagnose and treat my heel pain.  So what do I do?   
I do a Google search on my smartphone.  
The first page of results is the only page I look at.  It is vital that your practice’s website is listed on this page.  If I don’t find it here, I will never find you.  If you are geographically desirable, I will check out your website, and a few others. 
I will judge you based on your website.
If eyes are the windows to the soul, websites are the windows to your practice. Will you answer all my questions? Do you know your stuff? Are you a DPM I can trust? 
If your website is outdated and stingy with information, I have no reason to stay on your site. I have learned nothing.   And, if your site is not mobile-friendly (or mobile-responsive), I’m definitely gone! Websites designed for desktops but viewed on mobile phones are hard to navigate and difficult to read—and just forget about trying to fill in a form!
Today’s patients want to “go deep” into your website, reading freshly updated blogs, educational articles, and things you want your patients to know.  I know I want to be confident enough in you to call for an appointment. 
Lastly, I check online reviews.
I can’t help it.  I care what other people-- patients and physicians-- think about you and your practice.  So, what is your reputation and how can you protect it?
You may be a great podiatrist, but I will never find you unless you create a strong online presence—on your website, in social media, on search engines, and in reviews
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