Alumni Spotlight: Brian Carpenter, DPM

Alumni Spotlight: Brian Carpenter, DPM

By Rachel Horvath

Dr. Brian Carpenter, 94’ was honored with the American Podiatric Medical Association’s
Meritorious Service Award at the Southwest Foot and Ankle Conference in Frisco, TX, which
took place Oct 04 - 07, 2018. This prestigious honor is awarded to individuals who make
outstanding achievements at the local, state, or regional level in scientific, professional, or civic
undertakings that have had a profoundly impact podiatric medicine. 

Dr. Carpenter graduated from Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in 1994, and
looks back on his school days fondly. Dr. Carpenter felt blessed to have an amazing group of
classmates, whom he still talks to frequently. Though getting through all four years of schooling
was no easy task, landing a residency with the Cambridge Hospital program in Boston, his
program of choice, made all the hard work worth it.

As is clear through the honor he was awarded, Dr. Carpenter has worked hard to advance the
field of podiatry. When he first moved to Fort Worth, TX 20 years ago, no podiatrist had ankle
surgical privileges at any of the major hospitals in the area. After taking time to build
relationships, Dr. Carpenter was able to start a program at the county hospital, and then expanded
it to all the larger hospitals in the area.

In addition, Dr. Carpenter served as a residency director for 17 years and enjoys seeing the
enthusiasm and dedication of young doctors. He truly believes there is nothing better than
watching the young podiatrists he mentors develop into skilled surgeons, start successful
practices, and get involved with innovative research.

Congratulations to Dr. Carpenter, and we look forward to hearing of his future success.