Student Profile: Namrata Daru

Student Profile: Namrata Daru

By Norah McDonnell, ENG '22

Namrata Daru, 2019 Class President, was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Namrata completed her undergraduate studies in Austin, Texas, with degrees in business on the pre-med track, and a minor in psychology. She completed her Graduate degree in Fort Worth with a full load of science courses, and then moved to Philadelphia to go to TUSPM, after an advisor suggested she investigate a career in podiatry. Podiatry is the best fit because it includes medicine and surgical education, while still allowing for development of relationships, mental health, and a sense of self. Namrata generally is “very cerebral about decision-making, but for the big things, I trust my gut.” She trusted her gut when choosing podiatry at TUSPM and is loving every minute of it.

Namrata says that her proudest accomplishment today it is that she surrounds herself with family everywhere she goes. She says: “The Class of 2019 walked into TUSPM as strangers and is walking out as a family.” Of all the paths and choices available in life, all of her classmates ended up in this exact time and place. That being said, Namrata chooses to learn from every single person around her. She advises younger and prospective students to take advantage of being in a close-niche environment where everyone around is invested in your success and to always help each other grow.

As 2019 Class President, Namrata is a voice for her class. She advocates for student needs and tries to benefit the learning environment by doing so. One of the challenges of the position was learning to listen. Namrata has learned to listen and take the entirety of a situation into consideration when speaking with fellow classmates. Being Class President has allowed Namrata to practice skills such as conflict mediation, crisis management, and event planning, all while making lifelong friends. Namrata is able to use her unique position to get to know all of the faculty and classmates and learn from everyone she meets. She feels lucky to be in a position which allows her to learn from everybody else; she believes “we have all crossed paths in this specific time and place to learn from each other and grow.”


Namrata will be starting her Podiatric Medicine and Surgical Residency at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Virginia Beach, Virginia, starting in July. She is looking forward to the Class of 2019 roast, graduation, and the start of Residency. Namrata vows to work tirelessly through residency to practice and perfect skills to succeed in the future. She is motivated to contribute to the educational experiences of medical students by the positive impact made by residents on during her externships. Podiatric care is important, and Namrata hopes to continue to work with the community to stress its importance. She promises to continue to put forth immense effort to succeed and to help others. Namrata Daru would like to express the utmost gratitude towards her council and the unconditional support of the faculty and staff at TUSPM. Namrata says she thrives in environment where she feels as though every single person is invested in the success of everybody else. Namrata is proud to be Temple made and believes that where we come from will always be a part of who we are.