Student Government Association President-Elect: Jeffrey Ng

Introducing the Student Government Association President-Elect: Jeffrey Ng

Norah McDonnel;, ENG '22

My name is Jeff Ng and I am a proud member of class of 2022 at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine. I am a Texan native and attended Texas A&M University where I double majored in forensics & investigative sciences as well as biomedical sciences, and minored in Russian language. Immediately upon graduation, I got the nation’s call and I got commissioned as a military officer in the United States Air Force. Subsequently, I got stationed in Mississippi, Ohio, and I have been deployed to overseas locations between my assignments. In this role, I’ve served in military and civilian sectors as a government official, before I decided to become a student again.

Through experiences with my late grandmother, my mentor in the podiatric medical field, patients with various foot problems and other experiences I had in life, my connection with podiatry has been continually growing and has affirmed my motivation to pursue podiatric medicine and serve at my fullest potential in the civilian and military sector. Moreover, as a future podiatrist, I want to revere the tradition of unconventional modalities and pass it on to the next generation of practitioners. From my perspective, podiatric medicine is still a growing field, and that is one reason why I think it is my role to reach out to the community and make this unique field known.

Fortunately, I have been elected as the SGA president-elect for the upcoming academic year, and I am more than honored and excited to take on this role. I will try my best to ensure that decisions will be made collectively as a group, with the decision-making process being as dynamic and objective as possible. On the other hand, along with presenting issues and solutions constantly to the administration, I will also make sure to allow ourselves to embrace the good at times – to appreciate and recognize the positive impacts we have made for our TUSPM community. Moreover, I will ensure to present ideas and address any concerns from the student body on the national level through the APMSA, cooperate with national organizations like ACFAS, and maintain constant line of communication with other 8 podiatric medical schools to achieve things that will benefit our field and, in turn, our fellow and incoming students. In short, I hope to use my experiences and skillsets to be the personable, humble and approachable servant leader of the student body.