Alumni Profile- Dr. Maryellen Brucato

Dr. Maryellen Brucato, TUSPM ’10, attended college at St. Joseph’s University, majoring in biology on the pre-medicine track. A staff member from TUSPM gave a lecture at St. Joseph’s University, speaking about specialization in medicine, a topic that Dr. Brucato wanted to learn more about. Dr. Brucato developed an interest in podiatry, so she shadowed a podiatrist in her hometown, which led her to attending TUSPM. She loved her time at TUSPM, and remembers being a member of the Women’s Club, attending classes and working in the Anatomy Lab, and making friends with her classmates. To develop relationships and healthy self-care methods, Dr Brucato and some classmates trained together every week for a Half Marathon. They ran short distance and tempo runs throughout the week after classes, and then did a long distance run every Sunday on the streets of Philadelphia. After months of working on speed, form, and maintaining energy during the long runs, Dr. Brucato and her classmates ran their Half Marathon in the springtime with perfect running weather. Dr. Brucato still runs today for fun, and she recommends this form of exercise as it is a great outlet for stress relief and running encourages healthy behaviors. 


After graduating TUSPM, Dr. Brucato worked in a private practice, but wanted to branch off and start her own business, and now she runs a large practice with twelve employees. Besides learning medicine, Dr. Brucato explains that she also had to learn business, finance, and marketing. Dr. Brucato read books and learned through experience about how to operate and market her office. Before the pandemic, Dr. Brucato and her employees spent time at events for podiatry, where they spread the word about the practice and taught people the importance of podiatry. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, events in-person were cancelled, and the world of medicine changed drastically. Dr. Brucato embraces the work of Charles Darwin and his studies on speciation and evolution and applies his theory of natural selection to her office. Charles Darwin said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.” To adapt and overcome with the distressing times, Dr. Brucato developed a strong presence on social media to market her practice, attended virtual events for podiatry and for patients, and shifted the focus of her office to wound care. Dr. Brucato’s company had to adapt to stay in business, just as species develop adaptations to overcome nature’s challenges.


Dr. Brucato loves being a female physician in podiatry. Dr. Brucato feels that she is able to connect with patients on an emotional level and utilizes these connections while creating treatment plans. Dr. Brucato is also a mother, and she says that her child inspire her to be a better doctor. As a woman in podiatry, Dr. Brucato understands the importance of empowering and supporting fellow doctors, especially women, in the field. Using social media platforms, Dr. Brucato interacts with female podiatrists and encourages and supports them with words of empowerment.


Dr. Brucato was a panelist on the TUSPM Women in Podiatry Webinar on February 12, 2021. Dr. Brucato had a wonderful experience as a panelist on the Women in Podiatry Webinar, where the physicians told their stories, made connections, and gave advice to women in the field. The four physicians from the Webinar, Dr. Van, Dr. Brucato, Dr. Strannigan, and Dr. Nasser, developed friendships, and the group interacts frequently, telling stories, asking for advice, and motivating each other. For women in podiatry, Dr. Brucato recommends finding a female mentor, and to always support other women. Dr. Brucato says that it is important to empower other women and support them. Social medial platforms are a great resource for connecting with women, with Facebook groups such as “Pod Moms Group” and “Women Who Win #dreamcatchers.”


The panelists from the Women in Podiatry Webinar are establishing a mentorship program for all women in podiatry, to create a network of women supporting and empowering each other. The hope is to establish a program for women to be cheerleaders for each other and to develop friendships and support, in a time when connecting with others due to the pandemic is difficult.


To get involved with the TUSPM Women in Podiatry Mentorship Program, either as a mentor or a mentee, please click this link.


To watch the Women in Podiatry Webinar, please follow this link!


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