Danielle Buro Interview

By: Sophia Pappas, FOX '24

Q. What made you interested in podiatry? Why did you choose it?


I became interested in podiatry during my gap year! I worked at a local podiatrist office and quickly grew to love the profession, and the relationships that patients had with the physicians. Because diabetic patients visited so frequently, they were very comfortable and vulnerable with the doctors, and especially receptive to the medical advice they were being given. I also really valued how many patients achieved instant relief and were able to be back walking on their feet by the end of their visit. As a runner myself, this is something important to me!


Q. What is your favorite part of functioning with the students alongside TUSPM?


My favorite part about my position is having the ability to listen to my peers concerns and act as a liaison between students and administration. It really is an honor to be trusted by the student body to accurately relay issues to the school, in order to make our experience as Podiatry students better. Even just helping one of my classmates have a better journey on their way to becoming a podiatrist, makes the job worth it!


Q. What is your favorite part of school?


My favorite part of school, aside from the great friendships I have made, was taking lower extremity anatomy. We had the most amazing instructors who promoted a positive and encouraging learning environment for each student.


Q. What is the most interesting thing you have seen in your field?


The most interesting thing I’ve seen in my field so far was during a day where I was shadowing a podiatrist in the operating room.

I was able to watch many surgical procedures that day, but I really enjoyed watching the repair of a second metatarsal fracture.

It was really interesting to see the way the physician intricately put the bone back together, and I really enjoyed learning how each patient's case is unique in their own way.


Q. What is your proudest accomplishment?


Thus far the accomplishment I am most proud of was being elected president elect of the student government at Temple podiatry. I had a similar position in undergrad, but the opportunity to have a similar role for my medical school was something out of my comfort zone, and I am proud of myself for going after this goal of mine. I was honored to be trusted by the student body to have this position.


Q. What does it mean to you to be the President Elect of SGA?


To me, this role means being trusted and supported by my peers during my opportunity to lead and make positive changes at Temple Podiatry. To me, this is a commitment to serve the school and my future colleagues with integrity and dedication! This is certainly a huge honor and I am excited to serve as a liaison between the student body and administration, to ensure each student has a positive experience while they are in school.


Q. Advice for younger students first starting to work with patients?


The best advice I could give to younger students when working with patients is to be confident, open minded, and to never say no to an opportunity for patient care hours. The best way to be comfortable with patients, and to really learn to connect and understand them is by taking the time to practice. The best experience, and the best way to learn is when you are seeing the material you’ll be learning about tangibly, and jumping in! The best time to learn is now.


Q. Advice for people interested in the field?


If you are interested in the field, I highly recommend shadowing a podiatrist, volunteering in Podiatry, and even working in the field. The more exposure to the field you obtain, the more you will learn about what this profession entails. For me, I knew this was the right career for me because I enjoyed every second of each experience!


Q. How has being the president of sga changed how you look at podiatry?


Being the president of SGA didn’t change the way I viewed the profession, but I was happy to see how all the schools collaborate at conferences and events to support one another and the profession. Podiatry is a very small, tightknit community that is really empowering and full of great opportunities and mentors to help each student succeed.


Q. What is your main goal in the future?


My main goal in the future is to pick the specialty within podiatry that I can help the most patients with. Since I haven’t taken all my classes yet, I try to maintain an open mind to discover what I’m passionate about within the field. However, whatever I pick, my main goal is to help keep patients active, on their feet and healthy.