Faculty Interview: Dr. Maryann Hartzell

We had the pleasure of interviewing the newest addition to TUSPM, Dr. Maryann Hartzell! Dr. Hartzell has worked for 30 years in podiatry in many different areas. A few general questions about her practice are:


Where were you practicing prior to your position here at TUSPM?

  1. I practiced in a large orthopedic group, with about 30 practitioners, and prior to that, it was private practice in a university-based wound care center. I've been practicing for about 30 years. I couldn’t say no to TUSPM. Working with TUSPM now means that I can help influence the future of podiatry in a good way and help our profession grow which I am very excited about.


What led you to TUSPM as a student and as a faculty member?

  1. As a student at Chestnut Hill College, I decided the transition into professional school at TUSPM which was seamless since I was staying in the city. My previous school had a 5-year program with the Podiatry School plus I was always interested in the field of medicine, so podiatry fit all the boxes at once.


What positions are you taking over here at TUSPM?

  1. I am taking over 3 positions, Medical Director of the Foot and Ankle Institute, Assistant Dean, and Assistant Clinical Professor.


Dr. Hartzell is looking forward to working here at TUSPM and joining our fellow podiatrists in furthering the practice. A few facts and goals of our newest addition to TUSPM are below:


What are you looking forward to bringing to TUSPM?

  1. Energy! I hope to promote enthusiasm for the profession and help foster growth within the community.


What department are you part of/what modules will you be in?

  1. For sure wound care and podiatric medicine, the rest is still being decided.


What is your favorite area of podiatry?

  1. Wound care, 100%


Asking for advice from podiatrists who have been practicing for some time is always encouraged for students no matter what grade. Advice, tips, and tricks of the trade are bits of wisdom passed through all podiatrists. Some advice from Dr. Hartzell:


Do you have any advice for first-year students, and for graduates?

  1. For first-year students, keep the belief in your dream and try to keep perspective for what the future holds within the profession. It can feel like a lot at once, but your time will come, don’t worry. For recent grads, spend the time you have in your residency absorbing everything you possibly can. Now is the time to see everything you can achieve with your education. Do everything you can and take every opportunity available to you.


How were you introduced to the field of podiatry?

  1. My mother had foot surgery when I was in high school and later on when I was still considering pediatrics, a TUSPM grad Dr. William DeFeo introduced me to podiatry.


What do you hope to accomplish here at TUSPM, and do you have any goals for your time here?

  1. I hope to restore our clinic to pre-pandemic rates.


Do you have any fun personal facts you would like to share?

  1. I like to golf and play pickleball. I have a daughter who lives in San Francisco and is a graphic designer. I have a beautiful Bichon Shih Tzu.


Dr. Maryann Hartzell is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and experiences with the classes here at TUSPM and we are looking forward to listening to everything she has to say!