Faculty Profile: Kwasi Kwaadu, DPM '09



Dr. Kwaadu was first introduced to podiatry in his junior year of college by an uncle, and this introduction had a significant impact on his life, as Dr. Kwaadu then chose to pursue a Doctorate in Podiatric Medicine from Temple University and graduated in 2009. Dr. Kwaadu remembers his time as a student fondly at TUSPM and said that his favorite part of school was working in the clinic. He loves the real-world experiences of talking to patients with genuine health concerns, and also enjoys patient pathology. While in school, Dr. Kwaadu also enjoyed applying the lessons learned in the classroom to the scenarios in the clinic.


Dr. Kwaadu is the proud father of young twin boys and they are his greatest accomplishment in life. They are starting to develop personalities, and Dr. Kwaadu is looking forward to them growing up, helping them learn, and seeing all of their accomplishments.


When asked about advice for students, Dr. Kwaadu has strong words of wisdom and encouragement. It is important to be academically mature; you cannot be upset by results if you are only putting in minimal effort. Taking life and work seriously are important, as you get out of life what you put in. Dr. Kwaadu also advises his students to be proactive in their education, get involved, and to invest in themselves. For students specifically first setting foot in the clinic, he reminds us that unfamiliarity is always uncomfortable, and the clinicians understand that the students are walking into a brand-new world. A major component of medicine is falling down and getting back up again, and not fearing mistakes.  Students should always ask questions and realize that the doctors are going to help them, and they will not allow a student to do something that will harm a patient. Dr. Kwaadu encourages students to understand that failure is a part of learning, and that there are always opportunities for growth upon failure. He has bright, intelligent students and is proud to be teaching them.


Dr. Kwaadu enjoys being a part of the process to shape the future, whether that is a student’s education, a patient’s health, or for the profession as a whole. He is taking a leadership class at Templeright now that is helping him to view podiatry through an administrative perspective. He is learning about processes, logistics, and Temple as a whole. Dr. Kwaadu would love to challenge some of the old-school perspectives about podiatry and wants to be more progressive in policies and in treatment. Some of the joy in everyday comes directly from working with colleagues, helping others, and educating.


Dr. Kwaadu is looking forward for the future. One of his most pressing goals is to be a part of the collective growth of Temple University. He is excited to watch his children grow up and helping them to grow and learn as well.


We thank Dr. Kwaadu for his time for this interview and wish him nothing but success in the future.