Dr. Sabrina Minhas Alumni Spotlight Interview

How were you introduced to the podiatric field?

"I was introduced to the Podiatric Field when I was a teenager and was working as a lifeguard. I always noticed that people had issues with their feet, ankles, and lower extremities. When I was at the University of Victoria I shadowed a few podiatrists, and I got to see first-hand a lot of what podiatrists do. I was always interested in the medical field, but after shadowing those podiatrists, I knew this field was something that I wanted to pursue."

Where were you practicing prior to your position here at TUSPM?

"Prior to starting at TUSPM I was in private practice in Philadelphia, PA, where I was an Associate with two other DPM's. I was also the Assistant Residency Director for a Podiatric Residency Program at Roxborough Memorial Hospital. In addition, I worked in Wound Care Centers, Nursing Homes, and Facilities in both Philadelphia and Montgomery County."

What led you to TUSPM?

"I have always enjoyed working with students and residents, and I had the desire to practice in a new teaching environment when the TUSPM opportunity presented itself. I was able to teach during my time as Assistant Residency Director, but never in a college setting. I am glad that I took the chance and I’m really excited to start at TUSPM."

Where did you do secondary education?

"I completed my undergraduate education at the University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia, where I got my Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Biology. When I finished my undergrad, I applied to Podiatry schools and was very impressed with [TUSPM’s] clinic, their professors, and their reputation. I completed my DPM Degree at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine."

What position(s) are you taking over at TUSPM?

"The administration is still finalizing my schedule, but I am an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Podiatric Medicine, and I will have clinical sessions in the Wound Care module and in the Kalellis Room. I am currently working with Temple staff to maintain a wellness program for our students, and I will also be assisting Dr. Robinson with the FPP1 class in the Spring."

What are you looking forward to bringing to TUSPM?

"I am excited to bring my enthusiasm for our profession to TUSPM, as well as my diverse practice experience; I really love being a podiatrist. I was President of the Pennsylvania Podiatric Medical Association for a 2-year term, and I just love giving back to the community and the profession. I’m excited to bring my real-world experiences back to the students as well as my leadership skills."

What is your favorite area of podiatry?

"I love so many aspects about Podiatry, but I especially enjoy working with students, and with Geriatric and Diabetic patients. Older patients have different needs than younger patients have. I enjoy talking to them and treating them as whole patients, and not just focusing on their feet. Older patients don’t always have as many resources or people to help them as we think, and they may need additional resources to stay healthy. Diabetics are also a special patient population who are prone to many different pedal issues."

Do you have any advice for the first years? Recent graduates?

"My advice for the first years would be to work hard and to learn as much as they can, and to work on their time management skills. They may not agree with me now, but Podiatry school goes by very quickly. Learn how to manage your time to make the most of your education here. It may get overwhelming sometimes, so find a balance of working and studying hard while making time for your mental health. For recent graduates, I would say the same thing; strive for a good work-life balance and to take time for their physical and mental well-being. It can be hard to find that balance early on in practice. One of the things that helped me was the keep my work at the office; I always tried to not take any work home so that I could enjoy my home life, decompress, and reduce my stress levels."