Dr. Rementer Interview

We had the pleasure of interviewing a new addition to the faculty here at TUSPM, Dr. Rementer. We discussed his new position and the goals he has for his time here. A few other questions included his background and what he most looks forward to both here at TUSPM and otherwise. Dr. Rementer practiced at Tower Health in Phoenixville and was part of the orthopedic practice there. Before that, he went to the University of Delaware for his Undergrad and then TUSPM for podiatry school.  The big question we ask every podiatrist is what led them to the field. For Dr. Rementer, the answer was “I have always wanted to be a doctor since I was little, and when I was looking into where to go when I was in college, I came across podiatry my family had some experience with podiatry a podiatrist helping to save my grandmother's foot and when I looked into it more it was just something that fit me well. The aspect of being able to work with kids and adults and do sports medicine and do surgery while still having the ability to have a life and interact with my family just fit me really well.”


What led Dr. Rementer to TUSPM, “Through COVID, I realized I needed to decide why I did this, joining medicine. One of my biggest loves is to give back and to teach. When a spot opened in the surgical department, it seemed like something I couldn’t turn down, so I reached out and it just worked out.”


Dr. Rementer will be in the Department of Surgery as well as a professor. When asked what Dr. Rementer is looking forward to bringing to TUSPM, he answered, “I think what is nice is I have been out for 6 ½ years practicing and coming back with that experience to show the students what is really out there for podiatry. I have practiced with both a small podiatry group and in a hospital-owned orthopedic practice. I feel like this gives me a broad spectrum of what you can do in podiatry and be able to provide that to the students. Also, I think the ability to be able to push our boundaries and always be growing.”


His favorite areas of podiatry are reconstructive surgery and sports medicine. “For reconstructive surgery, I do everything from hammer toes to total ankle replacements which is my favorite thing to do. The other aspect is that I love sports medicine as well. Being able to help the students with that, I was very active in the sports medicine club when I was a student here and now, I am actually taking over as the faculty advisor for that.”


Moving onto advice for the students, the first years should “Breathe, it's hard but you will get through it and it’s worth it.” For our recent graduates, again, “Breathe, and remember why you do this, it's easy to get lost in all the craziness of medicine, remember we all signed up to do this because we love to help people.”


Dr. Rementer’s proudest accomplishment was becoming board-certified and in 2 months, it will be the birth of his 1st son! Finally, we discussed his goals for this coming year, “My goal coming back is to help prepare the next generation, I think our goal as doctors is to help patients. I only have so much reach as 1 provider. Helping work with students and residents I expand my reach.”