Instruments For Sale


Instruments for Sale:

  • Oakworks Motorized Procedure Chair For Sale: Brand new, never used, still encased in its original shipping materials, 29 “ wide, extra padding, arm rests, locking casters.  Reason for sale: Changed mind after ordering. Please contact Dr. Stanley Lubeck (610)-543-1973
  • Rockville Centre, New York Long Island: All Pro 2010 Imaging X-Rays Processor. Good for a beginning doctor's office. Old but works. Last used was about a week ago. Unit comes with five x-rays cassettes (8x10), View Box, Processor and Fixer Solutions, a box of Film, and all the needed tubing. Unit is holding space in the office.  All the equipment is located in Rockville Centre, New York Long Island. FREE. Contact Dr. Yehuda Nezaria 516-887-2820
  • Used Instruments For Sale Brand Names, Well-Maintained: Dremel Drills, Battery, Powered Nail Cutting Forceps, Probes. Curettes. Contact Me By Email At Captlengoldsmith1@Comcast.Net
  • Never Used Oakworks Motorized Chair: brand new, lowest height 19 inches, extra padding
    Also For Sale: Extra supplies, new and used instruments. Call and ask about what you need, I will probably have it! Contact Stanley Lubeck, DPM at 610-543-1973
    (posted 8/9/23)