Student Profile: Selin Sakarcan

Student Profile: Selin Sakarcan, TUSPM 2019

By: Peyton Pflug, KLN '19

          Selin Sakarcan grew up from a line of doctors – her grandfather, father, and her sister all followed paths that lead them to become doctors. Being surrounded by this as a kid, she was fascinated by some of the equipment she saw in medical offices throughout her childhood. With medicine running in the family, Selin knew she too wanted to follow that path from a young age. “My mom said I showed signs of it and played doctor around the house often. But still, I wasn’t sure exactly what type of medicine I wanted to pursue.” It wasn’t until she shadowed a podiatrist and got a taste of the hands-on experience that she discovered her interest in podiatry. “I shadowed a Temple alumnus, Dr. Diamond, and he was the one who really got me interested in podiatry.”       

    Now, as a fourth-year student, Selin continues to learn from this hands-on experience. One lesson that stands out to her is the importance of establishing relationships with clinicians and administrators. “There’s a fine line between being their student and working with them to achieve a goal. That can be a challenge to find a fine balance between the roles of friendship and professionalism.” Selin also strives to find the balance between working in the clinic and getting to know other Temple students. One of her favorite parts of externships and visiting different hospitals is meeting both younger and older students who share her path.

           As Selin enjoys her last year at Temple, she also has ideas about what comes next. “I have felt very lucky to have this experience at Temple and am proud of the things I have been able to accomplish. As for the future, one of my hopes is to continue my work as a personal trainer and keep that in my life.”

          Before she leaves Temple, Selin shares a motivating message to younger students who are currently facing the challenges of podiatry school and may need words of encouragement: “Podiatrists love their job! Every podiatrist I have spoken with at conferences and other events is extremely happy with what they do and has been able to create a lifestyle that fits them. I think that is something that any student can look forward to.”