Perioperative Protocol

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Jennifer Van, D.P.M. and Kimberly M. Flood, RN, BSN, CNOR; Tina Lauri, Instructor


This course is in the podiatric medical curriculum in order to expose the podiatric medical student to the various introductory aspects of foot surgery, such as informed consent, aseptic technique, bloodborne pathogens regulations, infection control, fluid management, office emergencies, podiatric instrumentation, surgical charting and CPR.


  • To expose the podiatric medical student to various peri-operative regimes, equipment and procedures necessary to develop a comprehensive understanding of the concepts basic to operating room function.
  • To demonstrate those activities designed to: assure efficient and safe care of the patient undergoing surgery, and meet local, state, regulatory guidelines, and are consistent with accepted practices and standards of care.


To introduce the podiatric medical student to various peri-operative techniques in lower extremity surgery so they can demonstrate confidence in their skills by participating as members of the surgical team during their junior and senior years in the Department of Surgery, Outpatient Surgical Suite, clinical and hospital surgical settings.