Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Total Lecture Hours: 
Course Director(s):

Steven Pettineo, DPT, CSCS, Assistant Professor


The course in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation describes the use of various physical therapeutic modalities in the treatment of the podiatric medical patient. Patient evaluation, treatment plan development and proper progress reporting will be emphasized.

  • Provide the student with an understanding of the role of physical medicine and rehabilitation and the profession of physical therapy in the treatment of the podiatric patient.
  • Provide the student with knowledge of all physical modalities and procedures used in the treatment of disorders of the foot and ankle. (Emphasis will be placed on the most commonly used treatments with only brief mention of other related modalities.)
  • Students will understand the purpose and use of the modalities and procedures presented and be able to properly prescribe and administer them in the treatment of foot, ankle, and related disorders.
  • Students will understand both indications and contraindications for each modality and procedure presented.
  • Students will know the elements of a complete therapeutic treatment plan and be able to record patient progress including evaluation, progress notes, goal setting with rationale and discharge. SOAP format, short and long term goal setting and functional outcome reporting will be discussed.


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is an integral part of the practice of Podiatric Medicine. Podiatric physicians are licensed to both provide and prescribe physical medicine modalities in the treatment of their patients. A general knowledge of the scope of practice of physical and occupational therapists, and a specific knowledge of the prescription and application of modalities commonly used in the practice of podiatric medicine is essential.