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Course Director(s):

Kendrick A. Whitney, D.P.M., Assoc. Professor; Harold Schoenhaus, DPM, Professor


The course reviews the single plane osseous deformities of the lower extremity and their effect on normal foot function. It also establishes all the normal criteria for foot function and the structures involved and how to alter abnormal foot function. Gait analysis including phasic activity of muscle is completely reviewed.

  • To provide an understanding of normal foot function.
  • To provide an understanding of normal gait.
  • To define and describe effect of single plane osseous deformities on the lower extremity.
  • To understand value of comprehensive orthopedic examination.
  • To understand the use of orthotics and their effect on the foot.
  • To be able to develop a treatment plan based on biomechanics.


To provide the student with a thorough approach to normal and abnormal foot function, to enable him to understand the mechanics of normal and abnormal locomotion, and to enable the student to create a treatment plan to improve the mechanics.