Educational Resources

TUSPM embraces a student-centered learning paradigm and uses state-of-the-art technology to accompany its educational program.


All courses have an online component via the Blackboard Learning System. It is a popular online resource used by faculty and students to share classroom materials. Faculty can post syllabi and course information and create discussion forums. Students can submit assignments, participate in discussion groups, take tests online, and check grades. Students have access to course documents and other learning content on the web and can review media-rich class lectures provided through its Anystream Apreso capture system. Lectures from each class in all courses are automatically captured with simultaneous audio, visuals, and video. Students can replay audio capture via Apreso Podcast on iPods and MP3 audio devices.

Campus Pack

Available through Blackboard, Campus Pack includes Journal and Team tools. Journal is a blog tool that allows you to create a diary or journal-style website. The Team tool allows groups of students to collaborate in creating shared web pages similar to wikis.

Electronic Portfolios

This web-based format allows you to show your work, review progress and create a resume. E-portfolios support text, graphics, video and audio files.

Turning Point

Enables you to give immediate feedback to your instructors. By using a response pad, also referred to as a “clicker,” you can answer questions, respond to surveys, take opinion polls, and more.


Helps detect possible plagiarism in student papers. Many faculty members use this resource and some make it available to students for checking their papers before submitting them.