Howard Palamarchuk

Associate Professor, Department of Biomechanics
Phone: 215-777-5789
Educational Background:
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA
Bachelor of Arts, History
Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine
Philadelphia, PA
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
Professional Organizations:
American Board of Podiatric Medicine, Diplomate
American Podiatric Medical Association
Pennsylvania Podiatric Medical Association
American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine
American Board of Podiatric Medicine
American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics
American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine
Clinician of the Year, 2008
Stauffer Award, Temple University
Teacher of the Year, 1991
Boston Marathon 30 Year Service Award
Marine Corps Marathon Ambassador, 2013
Community Service:
Boston Marathon 2013 – Medical Tent
In the course of a normal day experienced first hand a terrorist bombing and aided in the care and treatment of victims of the attack near the finish line
Podiatric Medical Service Multiple Sclerosis Challenge Walk, 2003 – Present
Podiatric Medical Service Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk, 2006 – Present
Podiatric Screening Special Olympics Fall Festival, 2005 – Present
TUSPM Podiatric Medical Coordinator, Marine Corps Marathon, Washington DC, 1991 – Present
TUSPM Podiatric Medical Coordinator, Boston Marathon, 1986 – Present
TUSPM Podiatric Medical Coordinator, Philadelphia Broad Street Run, 1984 – Present
Consultant, USA Olympic and National Race Walking Team, 1983 – 2000
Team Manager and Medical Liaison for Ultra-distance running team USA Race Walking Team events in World Cups:
Moscow (1996), The Netherlands (1995), Beijing, China (1995), Japan (1994) Mexico (1993), and Spain (1992)
Media – Promotion:
Doctor at Marathon Finish – It was like war – Karen Araiza, April 16, 2013
Podiatrists on the front line – Boston (Interview with Dr. Howard Palamarchuk),, May 31, 2013
Podiatry Today – Dr. Palamarchuk and Temple Podiatry Students – When the bomb went off near the finish line.  June 2013
Temple doctor, students on front line of blast . . . Philadelphia Inquirer, April 16, 2013
In Boston, “Nothing’s going to turn us away” Philadelphia Inquirer, By Mike Vitez, April 2014
Podiatry Management “Movers and Shakers-America’s Most Influential Podiatrists”, 2007 and 2012
National Syndicated Television Piece on cold weather, 2010
Philadelphia Inquirer – expert opinion on barefoot running, 2010
Contributions to National and World Publications including Forbes Magazine, Health Magazine, Reader’s Digest, MSNBC – TV, Wall Street Journal
Contributions to Local Media including Philadelphia Inquirer and The Daily News, Fox 29 Television, and KYW Radio
Compendium of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery 2013 Whitney KA. Editor in Chief Sports Medicine Chapter 5 Palamarchuk, HJ, pp 63-81 Data Trace Publishing Co.
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