Dr. Tracey Vlahovic, DPM

Tracey Vlahovic, DPM, solves complex cases in podiatric dermatology.  She was the first podiatrist in the United States to complete a fellowship in podiatric dermatology.  Dr. Vlahovic gets many referrals from other doctors to examine complex clinical cases in her specialty, lower extremity skin issues.  


Included are plantar psoriasis, fungal infections, nail issues, and warts.   At Temple, Dr. Vlahovic offers novel approaches for podiatric skin concerns such as laser, marigold therapy (which is a plant based topical therapy for warts) and microwave therapy for warts. She was the first in the country to offer patients KeryFlex to restore the cosmetic appearance of their nails.


Dr. Vlahovic’s accomplishments in the field include 35 peer-reviewed papers; 13 completed studies as the Principal Investigator, and accolades for teaching podiatric dermatology at Temple.


Her students are encouraged to think like clinicians from day one.  She is passionate about future podiatrists learning to think beyond a textbook description to arrive at diagnoses and innovative treatment plans.