Fundamentals of Podiatric Practice I

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Course Director(s):

Lesley D. Robinson, DPM


This course is designed to prepare the first year student for uncomplicated patient encounters that involve eliciting a history and performing a routine physical examination.

  • Historical background, evolution, ethics, and current role of podiatry in healthcare.
  • Familiarize the student with medical terminology, language, and abbreviations commonly used in podiatric medicine.
  • Recognize and relate the proper terminology for nail pathologies commonly seen in podiatric medicine.
  • Review principles of charting that acknowledge current standards of utilization and review.
  • Introduce the student to common podiatric pathologies and methods of examination based upon regional anatomy.
  • Familiarize the student with basic knowledge of shoes to include proper names, anatomy, indications and usage.
  • Introduce the student to the fundamentals of interviewing the patient, eliciting a history and performing a general examination.
  • Demonstrate the preparedness of the first year student for basic patient contact by eliciting histories in a clinic setting.



This course will establish a basic understanding of podiatric medicine to the first year student and be a foundation upon which to build their career as a podiatric medical student.