Student Profile: Emily Lobos Class of 2021

Student Profile: Emily Lobos, Class of 2021
By: Natalie Hart, FOX 2020


This month our student profile is Emily Lobos, a third year TUSPM student. Originally from the town of Washington located in North Carolina, Emily went on to major in Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

In undergrad Emily always had a fond interest in medicine and the world of science. Emily Lobos knew that she wanted to pursue medicine, unsure of what field she wanted to pursue Emily began doing research on different professions. An alumni of TUSPM, Dr. Ainsley Rusevelyn (Roberson) reached out to Emily and asked her to give the profession a chance. 

Emily shadowed Dr. Rusevelyn for two days in a clinic setting and an operating room experience. Immediately she was hooked, and applied to Temple Podiatry immediately. 

Emily’s previous experience had been in urology, and in research.  

Emily’s experience here at Temple and in Philadelphia is one she speaks fondly of, she spoke with me about how Philadelphia was her first big city experience. Transitioning from her small hometown, and college town background Emily hit the ground running by involving herself in the yoga community here in Philadelphia, enjoying the restaurant scene, and emerging herself in Philadelphia’s culture.

Emily shared with me that her proudest accomplishment to date had been when she was asked to present at the APAH National Conference here in Philadelphia this past November. She was able to create a database that she presented. Emily is enthusiastic about her research and we can’t wait to see what breakthroughs she uncovers. 

What is something you know now and wish you knew or wish someone had told you before? Do you have any advice for younger or prospective students?

Emily discussed that as she was preparing to leave for TUSPM, family and friends would ask about her career path. She did not see the importance of educating her support system at the time, she shared that she wished she would have educated her family and friends more about the profession and the growth of the profession is experiencing.

One of the challenges a student as involved as Emily faces is time management. Over the three years she has spent here at TUSPM and in her undergrad years at UNC she found that changing study habits and understanding that self care is necessary for success. Emily has found that making time for studying, sleeping, and yoga have set her up for the most success. 

Emily spoke fondly with me about the many rewards of the podiatric profession. She spoke about the many opportunities this line of work allows its professionals. Emily had spoken to me about the overwhelming and vast alumni network that she will and currently has access to. 

In Emily’s experience she stated that alumni are all around the country and they want to help their fellow professionals, and Owls. This profession has an already established, powerful alumni network, and she has utilized it and cannot wait to keep using it throughout her time her at Temple and beyond. 

Emily spoke with me about how excited she was for Dr. Paul Offit’s visit and lecture at TUSPM this month. Dr. Paul Offit is an infectious disease pediatrician from Philadelphia’s own CHOP, and one of Emily’s medical heroes. Emily added that some of her other goals were to continue into the research field, and to embark on new research. We are so incredibly proud of Emily and her accomplishments, we wish her the very best as she finishes her third year here at TUSPM, and as she begins her career in the podiatric profession. Emily, thank you for a wonderful interview!