Student Interview with Alexandra J. Brown '22


Alexandra Brown is currently a third-year student at TUSPM. From a young age, Alexandra knew she wanted to work in healthcare, but she was unsure of which path to take. Before attending TUSPM, Alexandra received her undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame in Science-Business and her Master’s in Physiology from Georgetown University. In between her studies, Alex worked as a healthcare consultant. During a consulting project specializing in perioperative services, she developed a strong and specific interest in podiatric surgery. From then on, Alexandra knew she wanted to become a podiatrist. While applying to several podiatry schools, Alexandra worked as a medical scribe at both a primary care office and a pediatrics office to hone her documentation skills and experience the outpatient care setting. Her previous roles and education have served to prepare her for her continued education at TUSPM and beyond.

Alexandra is enjoying all that Center City Philadelphia has to offer while attending TUSPM. Currently, Alex serves as the president of TUSPM’s American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons club and is the Student Government Association Representative for her class. Alexandra spoke very highly of the TUSPM staff and campus. “The clinical experience is what initially drew me to Temple and has really reinforced that I have made a good decision for my career to attend here,” says Alexandra. Working in the clinic and providing care for the underserved has been an experience that Alexandra truly loves. “It is fulfilling to contribute in a meaningful way and support those who benefit from the services the clinic provides,” said Alexandra.

“Always be willing to ask for help and find study habits that work best for you. The more open and honest you are with your peers, the more of a collaborative and supportive environment it becomes,” said Alexandra, when asked if she had any advice for first- and second-year students.

Alexandra’s involvement with Hallux Magazine is what she is most proud of to date. Hallux is an online magazine for podiatry students written by podiatry students. After serving as an editor last year, Alexandra was promoted to senior editor. “Writing several opinion pieces and advice articles, knowing that we are reaching prospective students, and advocating for podiatry has been very fulfilling. I feel like I am able to contribute to the field while only being a student through my publications and supporting others with their publications,” said Alexandra.

Alexandra’s main goal after graduation is to attend a residency that provides a strong, well-rounded education and a collaborative team environment. Working in a group practice or hospital setting is where Alexandra envisions herself after residency. While in podiatry school, Alexandra has developed a strong interest in pediatric orthopedics and sees herself moving forward in that direction.


If you are interested in reading some of the articles Alexandra has contributed to in Hallux, please click on the links below:

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