In Remembrance of our Student Eric Nam

As an administration and school, it is with heavy hearts that we announce the tragic passing of one of our own. On September 22nd, 2019 we lost,  Eric Nam, a beloved third-year student and bright force at TUSPM. We will remember the energy and passion Eric brought to our school. 

Eric Nam was an outstanding individual both inside and outside the classroom. He was able to focus intensely on his studies while keeping his fellow classmates at ease. As Social Chair and a member of Class Council, he was known for his social prowess and ability to organize any event at the drop of a hat, such as Flannel Fridays. He served as one of the 2nd Year Editors for the Yearbook as well, and was a part of the team that helped transition it into color. When he was not studying hard or serving his classmates, he often frequented events for new sneakers. He loved sneakers; he drew Nike symbols on medical tape while students practiced applying it. 

As a school and administration, we are also very proud of his fellow classmates’ remembrance of him. They organized 65 members of their class to travel to Eric’s funeral service, and are helping his memory live on through a walk in his honor as well as a page dedicated to him in the Yearbook.  

Eric Nam’s classmates and friends are also hoping to start a scholarship in honor of their beloved friend and mentor. If you would like to donate or would like more information about the scholarship created in his honor please reach out to: 


TUSPM Alumni & Development Office 

Phone Number: (215) 625-5410



Eric will be remembered as a friend to all his classmates, no matter the social group, and a selfless, driven individual who devoted his time to his studies, family, and classmates. Our thoughts are with his loved ones.