Lymphedema Clinic

The Lymphedema Clinic at the Foot and Ankle Institute is the first podiatric-run lymphedema and diabetic ulcer clinic in Philadelphia.

Symptoms (within the lower extremity):

  • Massive leg swelling Lymphedema
  • Pain and/or itching in legs
  • Non-healing wounds
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Poor blood circulation

About the Lymphedema Clinic

Dean John Mattiacci recently collaborated with corporate partner, Devon Medical Products, to open the first podiatric-run lymphedema and diabetic ulcer clinic in Philadelphia at the Foot and Ankle Institute.

TUSPM and Devon Medical Products, a global medical device manufacturer and distributor providing podiatric-focused devices, are both confident that this merger will prevent amputation for future patients by treating their lymphedema symptoms early and quickly with the help of the excellent team of podiatrists at Temple University.

Our mission is to reduce the need for amputation. If you are suffering from massive leg swelling, or lymphedema, pain and itching in the legs, non-healing wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, various types of venous insufficiencies and arterial deficiencies related to diabetes that cause swelling or poor blood circulation, please contact Temple Podiatry and our specialized team, with Devon partners, will address your symptoms immediately.


For appointments, please call 215-625-5289


148 N. 8th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107