Interview with Student Victoria Adeniran '20


This month the office of development and alumni relationships had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing third year student Victoria Adeniran. At TUSPM Victoria is a member of the Christian Podiatric Association, the Global Health Club, and she also works part time in the library. Victoria’s pathway to the podiatric profession is one that is certainly unique.


When Victoria was set to begin high school, she moved cross country with her family from Maryland to Houston, Texas. Determined to have the connections she made with classmates last Victoria applied to attend one of the many specialty high schools in the Houston area. The school that she ultimately attended was a medical science academy, in which all medical professions were investigated; there she found an interest in podiatry.


Victoria’s favorite part of her journey to achieve her DPM and in school so far has been her experience in clinic, and the everlasting opportunities to shadow practicing physicians in and around the Philadelphia area. She stated that one of her favorite clinicians to follow has been Dr. Kahn. Victoria shared with us that following Dr. Kahn she has been able to experience many different areas of treatment, her favorite part of following Dr. Kahn is how he explains every procedure clearly and indepthly.


To date Victoria shared with us that her proudest accomplishment thus far has been going through the schooling process. Accomplishing acceptance and admission into a medical program, and continuing the opportunity to learn and study daily. 


Another accomplishment Victoria shared is her ability to hold on to a balanced life, in her words she is able to do well in school and her studies, while also enjoying things outside of medical school. She truly has found the ideal work-life balance we all strive for.


Victoria shared some advice for prospective and current students,  that often during your time in medical school students like herself can go into a comparison mode, comparing their own study habits and learning styles to those of other students. Victoria sees this as a spiraling down effect, causing stress.


Instead Victoria offers and challenges students to seek out “normal” people and people who are not in medical school and who are not constantly stressed out over school or other things. She simply looks for other people and interests and maintains a balance. By reaching out to other people, Victoria shared that she has been able to find a sense of grounding and relaxation.


Victoria also advised students to look beyond their textbooks and classrooms, she urges students to attend conferences, and to reach out to other professionals for shadowing opportunities.

Of the many rewards and opportunities Victoria discussed with us, she highlights the opportunity at TUSPM to learn in what she calls a “safe” place. Questions are encouraged, curiosity is encouraged. Victoria shared that one of the most profound rewards she has been granted by TUSPM is the ability to go to clinicians with questions. One of the rewards we spoke about was the ability to ask questions and to seek clarification.


Victoria shared that the opportunity to learn every day is crucial to her well-being. She shared that she doesn’t feel pressure into knowing everything right now, she stated that attending TUSPM has prepared her for what is to come, and that she is taking every day as an opportunity to learn and master new skills, terms, and forms of treatment. Victoria stated how incredibly grateful she is to be allowed to absorb as much material as possible and to learn the best ways to apply it.


Victoria shared with us that her personal and academic goal for the year is to become more intentional about her learning and studying. She wants to practice internalizing everything she has learned from year one to now.


Victoria has a goal of treating her time in clinic as an 8:00am -5:00pm job, and in her down time she plans to study and master her future profession.


Victoria, it was such a wonderful opportunity to interview you, we wish you the best of luck, and cannot wait to see what strides you make as you enter the Podiatric Profession!