Dr. Ziad Labbad, DPM, MD

Ziad Labbad, DPM, MD, deploys advanced, evidence-based therapies that don’t always require surgical intervention.  Dr. Labbad takes his non-invasive approach to heart, always looking for ways not to operate, if possible.  


For instance, unremitting pain can be treated with shock wave therapy, and severe arthritis responds to stem cell therapy.  Avascular necrosis and plantar plate injuries are also treated with non-surgical modalities. Throughout treatment, Dr. Labbad works with patients to improve their nutrition, exercise habits, and implementation of complementary medicine to maximize healing.


Dr. Labbad encourages his students to pay attention to a person’s body language and whether they are emotionally comfortable.  He believes that through good communication doctors can build bridges to help patients heal.


Dr. Labbad worked for a decade as a physician researching diabetes and wound healing while teaching.  Fascinated with biomechanics, he became a podiatrist.  His multifaceted medical career has spanned decades.