Dr. Laura Sansosti, DPM

Laura Sansosti, DPM, specializes in reconstructing limbs ravaged by diabetes or trauma.  According to Dr. Sansosti, amputation is always the very last option.  Every effort is made to salvage the limb.


Dr. Sansosti listens carefully to what a podiatric patient is saying or perhaps, not saying.  She believes it is critically important to understand the basis of a patient’s concerns and to provide the peace of mind necessary to begin treatment and rehabilitation.


Dr. Sansosti wants students to translate their medical knowledge into patient-centric care that encourages engagement and encouragement.  This is what is at the very heart of healing and the doctor-patient relationship.


Dr. Sansosti knows exactly what it’s like to walk in a podiatry patient’s shoes. During high school, she herself was a patient for many long months. Her podiatrist offered her a summer job knowing about her interest in medicine and the rest is history.