Dr. Kwasi Kwaadu, DPM

Kwasi Kwaadu, DPM, loves to share knowledge and communicate.  Complicated surgeries after traumatic injuries are what Dr. Kwaadu is known for even though one of his guiding principles is to operate less, if possible.  Dr. Kwaadu believes that for many patients, more conservative treatments can be tried first.


Patients are empowered by Dr. Kwaadu’s mission to help them understand their conditions and live healthier lives.  A huge communication gap can exist between what a provider explains and how a patient understands the information.  To close this gap, Dr. Kwaadu is a big believer in speaking colloquially and respecting where a person is coming from. 


Patients must understand what a treatment can and can’t accomplish and they are always part of the decision-making process with Dr. Kwaadu from start to finish.


A tour de force in the classroom, Dr. Kwaadu also brings his natural enthusiasm and curiosity to develop podiatric medical students.