Dr. Kendrick Whitney, DPM

Kendrick Whitney, DPM, is an expert in foot orthosis re-alignment therapies. Dr. Whitney has studied the biomechanical basis for foot and ankle problems for many years and has applied this knowledge to help patients walk more easily.


For more than 30 years, Dr. Whitney has lectured, written and researched the use of custom foot orthoses to relieve lower extremity pathologies, both here and abroad. It’s a passion for learning that started in childhood.


Dr. Whitney tells his students, podiatry requires lifelong learning. The ability to understand what makes each patient unique, and create a clinical solution that allows the person to walk through life in a healthy new way is the goal.


Dr. Whitney grew up in a podiatric learning lab: His uncle and grandfather were podiatrists. And his father, Dr. Alan Whitney, was a podiatric pioneer who had a home office.  As a teenager, Dr. Whitney closely observed as his father cared for patients, with patience and perseverance, until they achieved their therapeutic goals.