Dr. Joshua Moore, DPM

Joshua Moore, DPM attracts a regional and international roster of surgical patients because of his skill, experience and favorable outcomes in correcting foot and ankle deformities, along with treating traumatic injuries from car accidents, falls, sports injuries and even violence.


Dr. Moore likes to help patients get back to their regular daily activity whether it be playing 18 holes of golf or walking the mall.  Repairing injuries in children is also an area of special interest.


Dr. Moore is dedicated to medical education, emphasizing that students must have a comprehensive understanding of all medicine including vascular disease, cardiology, endocrinology, dermatology, oncology, and even the psychiatric issues that accompany chronic pain and disability.


After shadowing a podiatrist as an undergraduate, Dr. Moore realized podiatric medicine wrapped up all his interests into one fascinating package: surgery, trauma, a busy clinical schedule, and the opportunity for academic achievement and teaching.