Dr. Jinsup Song, DPM, Ph.D.

Jinsup Song, DPM, Ph.D. is dedicated to improving patient outcomes through biomechanical research, specifically for patients with diabetes who often lose sensation in their feet and are unable to point out high pressure points, or areas that are prone to skin breakdowns.


Dr. Song uses advanced pressure mapping, where areas of high pressure and danger light up, revealing what the patient can’t.  One of his areas of expertise is orthotics.


As a student researcher, Dr. Song enjoyed working in the Temple’s Gait Study Center, focusing on new ideas that could be applied directly, bench-to-bed, for improved patient care.  Today, as Director of the Gait Study Center, he is still on the same mission.


Dr. Song stresses the importance of ongoing patient education and preventative care to his students.  The goal is help patients avoid problems like obesity, arthritis, and diabetes before they manifest. Once these diseases start, they can wreak havoc with patients’ lower extremities, negatively impacting their chances for better health and longevity.