Dr. Jane Pontious, DPM

Jane Pontious, DPM has treated thousands of diabetic foot infections, deformities of the forefoot and soft tissue masses over the years.  Dr. Pontius offers what she would want in a doctor and that starts with uncompromising excellence in clinical and surgical care. 


Dr. Pontius believes there is always something new to learn and teach.  She knows medicine evolves on a daily basis.  Even after more than 30 years of practice, Dr. Pontious’ enthusiasm for her patients is clear.  


It’s no wonder Dr. Pontious has achieved the ‘Clinician of the Year’ accolade so many times and has patients who have become like family.


Providing the best quality patient care requires staying current, according to Dr. Pontious.   But it’s also an innate desire to connect with patients, who after all, are people first.  That is something no textbook can teach.