Dr. Andrew Meyr, DPM

Andrew Meyr, DPM has written more than 40 academic, podiatric medical articles and text book chapters.  Dr. Meyr is a clinical expert on the debridement of diabetic foot wounds, vascular anatomy and its surgical implications and, peri-operative pain management.  His work has moved the science of wound healing forward.


Where a patient’s foot wound is first treated can make a lasting difference, especially hard-to-heal wounds from diabetes, vascular disease, and Charcot foot, according to Dr. Meyr. 


At Temple, patients benefit from the latest evidence-based wound healing techniques and technologies from ongoing research.  Many complicated podiatric cases are referred to Dr. Meyr and his colleagues.


Because a critical part of treating a wound is patient education and compliance, much time is spent educating patients and families about their role in fulfilling the treatment plan.  It’s what’s needed to make the arduous journey of wound healing a success.