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Student Highlight: Victoria Adeniran, '21

By Natalie Hart FOX '20 


Victoria Adeniran, is a student at TUSPM, Class of 2021, and the type of student we want to attract to our profession. She is a renaissance woman: a singer, dancer, model, and most notably a Fulbright & McNair Scholar. She has brought a vibrant light to our campus and school. As an undergrad Victoria studied biology at Trinity College, and she received her masters in public health at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

As a student Victoria works part time at the Dr. Charles E. Krausz Library at the School, and as a third year student, interacts with classmates, faculty and patients in the Foot and Ankle Institute. 

“Ever since being in the Medical Science Academy in my high school where we were exposed to all medical careers, I took interest in podiatry.  I knew I wanted to practice medicine, but not general medicine, and I’ve always admired the path less trodden. Shadowing further confirmed my desire.  I grew keen to watching the variety in podiatric practice, and how happy the doctors were. The only thing I did not like about shadowing was that I wasn’t the one practicing.  I think podiatry, I love that I can build my career around my life, and not have to build my life around my career.”

-Victoria Adeniran