Alumni Profile: Stephanie Varghese DPM, '13


Stephanie Varghese, DPM graduated from TUSPM in 2013. During college, Dr. Varghese played Lacrosse. After suffering from several foot and ankle injuries, she found herself in a podiatrist’s office for assistance and subsequently was offered a summer job working in the same office as a medical assistant. Getting to observe first hand what podiatry has to offer and how it allows you to be surgically active while maintaining a work life balance, is what convinced Dr. Varghese to apply to TUSPM and start her career in podiatry.

At her time at TUSPM, Dr.Varghese became even more excited about the field of podiatry through working closely with her mentor, Dr. Tracy Vlahovic, on research studies bringing innovative and new treatment options to our clinic patients. In reflecting on her time at the TUSPM clinic, Dr. Varghese states, “those clinic days were so memorable.--they were long days and hard work but we got to see many rare conditions and a huge volume of patients which prepared to be able to handle any condition that may walk through my doors today”

One of the challenges in podiatry that Dr. Varghese discussed is the transition from being a student to becoming an attending. “In your first couple of years as an attending it is challenging to transition from being the one asking questions to figuring out the new role and how to teach and impart the knowledge you have gained over the years.  What I have learned is that even as the attending, your journey of learning never ends but the format in which it happens does”, said Dr. Varghese.

Dr. Varghese is most proud that podiatry has allowed the flexibility to her to care and provide for her two children and be involved in her local community. When Dr. Varghese is not in the podiatry office, she is giving back. She and her husband along with their church have invested their time and energy into the increasing educational opportunities for kids in North Hills PA through a local community center which provides tutoring and after school care for underprivileged children.

What Dr. Varghese finds most rewarding about her career is getting patients back on their feet and back to their daily activities. As a former collegiate athlete who experienced the same type of injuries has her patients, Dr. Varghese can relate to the joy patients have when properly rehabilitated and being able to get back to what they love doing.

When asked if Dr. Varghese has any advice for aspiring podiatry students, she stressed the importance of shadowing a podiatrist before committing to podiatry school. “Physically being there with someone who is doing what you are aspiring to do will give you the clearest picture of their day to day”, said Dr. Varghese.

Currently Dr. Varghese is an associate at Barking Dogs Foot and Ankle Care where she just became certified in minimally invasive surgery and continues to provide cutting edge care in podiatric foot and ankle reconstructive surgery, fat pad restoration,  plastics, aesthetics and dermatology.