Alumni Profile- Dr. Lee Cohen

Dr. Lee Cohen, TUSPM '74

Podiatric Consultant to the Philadelphia Eagles!

In the photo, Dr. Cohen and Orthotic Rehabilitation Program Director Mark Lewis are holding Dr. Cohen’s Secret Weapon Custom Orthotics while wearing their Super Bowl LII rings!

Dr. Lee Cohen, TUSPM ’74, is a podiatrist located in the Ridley Park, PA and Marlton, NJ areas. He is also the Podiatric Consultant for the Philadelphia Eagles and just finished his 33rd year with the Eagles, and he is looking forward to another great year with the team. Dr. Cohen is one of few to receive specialization in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Cohen recently revealed his new revolutionary treatment: Orthotic Rehabilitation Pain Relief Therapy and Secret Weapon Orthotics. Dr. Cohen’s rehabilitation program combines muscle therapy pain relief training and Active Release Techniques (ART), to begin the healing process after a lower extremity injury. ART Therapy is non-invasive and consists of breaking down scar tissue. While the patient's custom Secret Weapon Orthotics are in the works, proper function of the body and higher performance levels are achieved by improving mobility, flexibility, and strength.

Team members of the Eagles, along with athletes of all ages, wear Dr. Cohen’s custom orthotics. He is excited to work with the athletes and patients at his clinic site using his new ART Therapy rehabilitation treatment program.  

We want to congratulate Dr. Cohen on all of his accomplishments. Go Eagles!

Check out Dr. Cohen's website here to read more about his treatment plan and his time with the Philadelphia Eagles!