Alumni Profile- Dr. Deepa Jhaveri

Dr.Deepa Jhaveri, TUSPM '99


               Dr. Deepa Jhaveri, TUSPM ’99 had goals to work in the medical field, in a specialty that would allow her to raise a family and have a family life. Dr. Jhaveri learned about podiatry and shadowed a podiatrist in Maryland at College Park. Podiatry was a perfect fit as a career for her future goals. She applied to TUSPM and other podiatry schools after completing graduate school at the University of Maryland, and soon after accepted the admittance into Temple because she liked living on the East Coast and loved Temple’s podiatry program.

            Dr. Jhaveri says that her time in podiatry has been a rollercoaster. After her residency, she worked for two private practices, one in Florida and one in Boston. Dr. Jhaveri eventually took over the podiatry practice in Boston and was a private practice owner for some time. With a newborn daughter, high rent in the city, and being a solo practitioner, Dr. Jhaveri felt overwhelmed. She slowly transitioned into working for a hospital in Massachusetts, which gave her the freedom to spend time with her family and to also work. She worked for Lahey Hospital and for a local insurance company as a podiatrist. Dr. Jhaveri transitioned completely to hospital work, and now practices out of three different hospitals. She loves working for the hospitals and thinks this is a perfect fit for her lifestyle and goals.

            When thinking about her time at TUSPM, Dr. Jhaveri fondly remembers the restaurants that lined 8th and Race Street and all of her friends that she made at the School. Dr. Jhaveri had a wonderful experience at TUSPM. She recommends for younger students to look into the different types of work that can be done with a podiatry degree: legal work, insurance, business, hospital work, and different types of practices in the medical field. She says “This is definitely something that people should explore. It is not (working for hospitals) the easiest because there’s not that many positions and they are difficult to come by, but well worth it.” Learning the ropes of a private practice is also important. She learned a tremendous amount about billing, expenses, paychecks, and how to run a practice while working in the private practices.  A lot of students, once they graduate medical school tend to not realize these expenses, which is why it is important to learn the business side of medicine. Long term, Dr. Jhaveri recommends transitioning into working for a hospital or insurance-based practice, as there is less liability and more support. “Just because you have graduated from podiatry, it doesn’t mean you have to just practice podiatry.  There’s a lot of other avenues, for example in pharmaceuticals, and several other industries where you can use your degree, without having to do only clinical care, if that’s not your goal.”

            Dr. Jhaveri wanted to work in the medical field and is also passionate about helping women. She started a passion project with 2 of her friends (Dr. Manju Sheth and Shaleen Sheth) over the summer of 2020, in which she used her knowledge and contacts to help women. Her non-project organization is called Women Who Win #dreamcatchers, and there are over 5,000 members across the social media sites from over 80 countries. The organization posts articles every day and hosts Webinars about different health conditions and women empowerment. She is most proud of this passion project. It started with three people in a living room, and the organization has grown so much in 4 months. Dr. Jhaveri uses her degree and contacts to help gather articles from hospitals, and this allows her to host Webinars for varying medical fields. These physicians for the Webinars are breaking barriers in medicine and utilizing social media for marketing strategies and reaching out to younger audiences.

            Dr. Jhaveri recommends for students who are just starting to work in clinics to look more confident than you feel, and to not be afraid to ask for help or for a second opinion. Everyone, even the most experienced physicians, still ask for second opinions. Patients are coming to you for your advice, and it’s important to have the knowledge, be confident, and hold your ground.

            In the future, Dr. Jhaveri wants to continue working for the hospitals and she wants Women Who Win to do well, to empower and educate women, and to encourage them to follow their passions and own dreams.


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