Alumni Profile: Deep Shah, DPM Class of 2019 By: Natalie Hart Fox '20

Alumni Profile: Deep Shah, DPM Class of 2019                                            

 By: Natalie Hart Fox '20

Can you talk about your path to podiatry, why you chose podiatry, and how has your experience been? 

Dr. Shah shared with us that his path to podiatry was through an athletic injury. On the basketball court and soccer field he experienced a few injuries that opened the door to the world of podiatry, and with many lower extremity injuries and a few trips to the emergency room under his belt, Dr. Shah became curious about podiatry and eventually shadowed a podiatrist, gaining perspective and knew that he wanted to go into the field of podiatric medicine. 

What was your favorite part of podiatry school?

Dr. Shah is a recent grad of TUSPM, graduating in spring of 2019. Dr. Shah shared that his hard work the past four years paid off. He talked with me about how much he loved working hard to accomplish his goals. 

He spoke about his fondest memories, highlighting that building a community and family with his peers and classmates was his favorite part of school. He talked about the support and good memories he had with his class and he said he loved having 99 more family members! 

Dr. Shah shared with me that his favorite part of the academic track was clinic; it was challenging but hands-on, and he highlighted the atmosphere of the clinic and how TUSPM uses clinic for education. 

What is your proudest accomplishment so far? 

Dr. Shah shared with us that his proudest accomplishment thus far has been gaining residency. He also shared with us that his fellow classmates nominated him for student of the year. He explains that the nomination showed how much his fellow classmates cared about each other. Dr. Shah shared with us that accomplishments are always seen as medals or trophies but measured by hard work and building relationships and communities with peers that will last a lifetime. 

What is something you know now and wish you knew or wish someone had told you before? Do you have any advice for younger/prospective students? 

Dr. Shah had a few pieces of advice for underclassmen and new students, and that was “You may not see the light at the end of the tunnel, but keep your head up and keep grinding you--will see results in the long term.”  

Dr. Shah continued to say that students must maintain a positive attitude and to continue to work hard. 


What are the challenges of your position and how have you learned to overcome them? 

Dr. Shah shared that four years of school is a long time. He shared that his biggest challenge while in school was time management. An important lesson is managing your time and schedule effectively  to in turn create success. 

He explained that time management was his biggest struggle his first year. He learned from that experience and kept his head up, kept himself from falling behind. He explained that being positive and confident are huge in terms of overcoming obstacles. 


What are the rewards and opportunities of your position? 

Dr. Shah went on to share with us that often times people overlook the importance of the lower extremities and their role in the human body. He shared that this profession offers a chance to combine the complex work of medicine and the lower extremities. 

Dr. Shah says to try to put yourself in the position of your patients, work with each individual case to make someone’s life easier and pain free. Working hard to help patients and relieve pain is absolutely the best part of this profession. 

Dr. Shah left this question with this quote “Whatever you do, you should be doing with passion.” 


What are you looking forward to in the future? Do you have any goals for the rest of the year? 

Dr. Shah spoke with us about many of his goals, highlighting his desire to become more involved in research. He is looking forward to learning, growing, and understanding key fundamentals while attending residency. 

Dr. Shah has hopes of being more involved with the research side of the profession as well.

Dr. Shah’s long term goals are to create a career that is family and patient oriented. Dr. Shah is excited to complete his MBA degree from The Fox School of Business, and apply business to the field of medicine. 

Dr. Shah offered me much advice about staying focused on my degree work in the business school! Thank you Dr. Shah for your inspiring and positive comments and advice. I wish him the best of luck as he completes his residency and his MBA degree. 


When asked Dr. Shah offered these last words of advice for underclassmen and students alike:  

“There’s a school world and the real world. Remember your fundamental values and what you were taught– that is what makes you who are. Remember the less fortunate and pay it back to them. Be humble and appreciative, be genuine, and rewarding for everyone you cross paths with.”