Dr. Khurram Khan

Khurram Khan, DPM, educates diabetic patients about disease management and self-care.  He knows that for patients suffering from diabetes, foot wounds problems can have disastrous consequences.


Diabetic foot care starts with understanding. Discussions include diet and nutrition, exercise and maintaining good blood sugar levels.  But if a foot wound does develops, state-of-the-science infection management, surgery, and

rehabilitation are all available at Temple.


Prevention through education is Dr. Khan’s first line of defense.  Dr. Khan patients to prevent problems before they start, and to intervene early if they do.  Just one visit to a foot doctor podiatrist can lowers your risk for amputation.


Interdisciplinary care also benefits patients.  Dr. Khan regularly consults with cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons and endocrinologists, providing a seamless care continuum for patients.