James Furmato

James Furmato, DPM, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
Chief Engineer, Gait Study Center
Phone: 215-625-5367
Educational Background:
Rutgers College of Engineering
Piscataway, NJ
Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA
Masters of Science, Chemical Engineering
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA
PhD, Biomedical Engineering
Professional Activities:
Temple University, Teaching, Learning and Technology Roundtable 2
American Diabetes Association
Temple University Communications Workgroup
TUSPM Journal Club Society
Representative to Temple University Associate Deans of Research
TUSPM Technology Committee
Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society
American Society of Biomechanics
American Professional Wound Care Association
American Podiatric Medical Association
International Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Volunteer Instructor Program
Volunteer Instructor
Engineering Explorers, Western Electric Company
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
PMLexis Examination
Licensed Podiatrist, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Licensed Podiatrist, State of New Jersey
Engineer-in-Training, Chemical Engineering, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Outstanding Teaching Assistant
Second Place, Langer Biomechanics Group Tenth Annual Writing Contest
Drs. Rubin and Dora Rosen Award for Application of Biomechanics to Reconstructive Surgery of the Foot
First Place Poster Exhibit, ACFAS
Second Place Poster Exhibit, ACFAS
T. George Downs Scholar Aid Award for Biomechanical Research
Compendium of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery 2013 Chapter Editor: Biomaterials, pp 145-166; Gait Kinematics, pp 296-299, Data Trace Publishing, Brooklandville, MD
“Implications of Plantar Loading in Gait on Microvascular Function in Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes”, Poster Exhibit, 72nd American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions, Philadelphia, PA, June 2012, J Furmato, J Song
“Implications of Pulsed Plantar Loading on Microvascular Function in Diabetes”, Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society 2012 Annual Scientific Meeting, Grand Rapids, MI, May 2012, J Furmato, J Song
“Do Diabetes and Healthy Subjects with Hallux Valgus Demonstrate Similar Foot Structure and Function?”, Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting, Bethesda, MD, April 2011, J Song, H Hillstrom, J Furmato
“Pedal Skin Circulations May Be Altered in At-Risk Diabetics”, Poster Exhibit, Diabetic Foot Conference 2011, Los Angeles, CA, March 2011, J Song, J Furmato, D Tango, R Kane, H Hillstrom
“Effects of Sub-hallucial Wedge and Medial Arch Support on Dynamic Plantar Pressure”, Poster Exhibit, 12th Emed Scientific Meeeting, Providence, RI: August 2010 Song J., Nimick C., Furmato J.
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