CME Course List

This list includes all current online CME course topics offered by the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine.

  • CME001 Radiologic Overview of Joint Disease (1 credit, Dr. Robert Christman)
  • CME002 Diabetes: Custom Molded Footwear (1 credit, Dr. James McGuire)
  • CME003 Geriatrics (2 credits, Dr. Arthur Helfand)
  • CME004 Evaluation of the Diabetic Foot and Biomechanical Management (2 credits, Dr. Kendrick Whitney)
  • CME006 Recognition and Classification of Sagittal Plane Foot Deformity (2 credits, Dr. Kendrick Whitney)
  • CME007 Overuse Injuries in Athletes (1 credit, Dr. Howard Palamarchuk)
  • CME009 Spectrum of Foot Orthoses (2 credits, Dr. Kendrick Whitney)
  • CME010 Radiology of Neuropathic Osteoarthropathy (1 credit, Dr. Robert Christman)
  • CME016 Lower Extremity Wound Management (2 credits, Dr. James McGuire)

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