The Law and Podiatric Medicine

Length of Course: 
Course Director(s):

John F. X. Monaghan, J.D.; Eric Greenberg, D.P.M., J.D.; Robert F. Fortin, J.D., Alexander R. Ferrante, J.D., Karen S. Burns, J.D.


This course involves the study of basic legal concepts as they affect the podiatrist, including governmental and statutory control of the profession, contracts, torts, crimes, and the relationship of professional ethics and law.

  • An understanding of the basic legal concepts as they affect the podiatrist.
  • The demonstration of the above-stated objectives through a written examination.


The course is an integral part of the podiatrist's spectrum of knowledge as to self-protection, a more effective relationship with fellow practitioners as well as patients, and a better rapport with lawyers, judges, and the courts.