Fourth Year

Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine’s fourth-year clinical education program has been designed to provide optimal cognitive and technical development, while maintaining individual scheduling flexibility.

Year four consists of the following:

  • Medicine clerkships at Temple University Health Science Center, area teaching hospitals and our special affiliated hospitals
  • Podiatric clerkship programs in hospitals and other healthcare facilities throughout the United States.
  • Podiatric medical rotations at the Foot & Ankle Institute
  • Private podiatric medical practice setting - podiatric clerkship
  • 10 one-month units and two one-month vacations
  • One podiatric office clerkship
  • Medical clerkships* (one of these four to be selected):
    • Infectious Disease
    • Orthopedics
    • Vascular Medicine and Surgery
    • Clinical Neurology
  • TUSPM Foot & Ankle Institute
    • Clinic: Podiatric Surgery
    • Clinic: Podiatric Medicine
    • Clinic: Podiatric Orthopedics
  • Five hospital-based podiatric clerkships

*A structured online learning module with exam on these medical topics is completed by students during the respective medical clerkship.